University life: 6 tips to enjoy this moment

There are two types of people: those who think university life is too easy and those who categorize it as the most complicated stage of their career. What they don’t consider, in this case, is that the experience is different for each student –– and, many times, they are verdicts that come from those who have never set foot in a college.


But even students who take years to earn a degree and struggle to graduate agree on one thing: this is a unique phase in a person’s journey. Above all, it is in higher education that you learn the main techniques of the profession, in addition to the behavioral skills expected by the market. You can even change your life with a diploma in hand.

How to enjoy university life?

The suggestions we’re going to list from now on won’t always take up a lot of your time. So, you can rest assured, because these are activities that you can pursue from the beginning of the semester in the first year of graduation. Do you want to see it? Follow with us!

1. Participate in events

Quality educational institutions always promote events for their students, both in their physical and virtual spaces. From career fairs, lectures and workshops to webinars and talks on social networks, these are unique opportunities to enhance what you learn in the classroom and get to know the references in your area.

2. Start your networking

The network of contacts is very important in the life of a professional. When he exchanges experiences with people both in his area and in others, he gets some good insights to develop his career. He can also win indications for job openings and even a letter of recommendation , made by someone who trusts his work.


During the life of an EAD university student, you will have contact with your colleagues in the disciplines’ discussion forums. Take the opportunity to clear your doubts with them, share insecurities and advice, interacting in any way you can. Also invest in good relationships with teachers and tutors.

3. Make good friends

Far beyond professional contacts, your colleagues can become lifelong friends. Friendships formed in graduation are an extra dose of motivation to complete this stage of your life and conquer the best career opportunities.

5. Be a monitor

There are study techniques that are well used by those preparing for the entrance exam : they consist of giving lessons to oneself. Have you come across any of them? Well, monitoring goes in that direction –– you only change the mirror audience for classmates or other students.

This practice is very valid especially for those who want to pursue an academic career and become a teacher. As a monitor, you develop your teaching skills, collect feedback before entering the job market and take your first steps towards teaching. Not to mention the weight it adds to your resume .

5. Invest in internships

We know that getting your first job is often difficult. After all, companies ask for an experience that the student or recent graduate did not have the chance to obtain. That’s where the internship comes in. You can learn from employees, from corporate routines and trends in the area.

Internships are a special case, in which we do not indicate the search right at the beginning of the course. This is because the ideal is to get in touch with the basic disciplines of graduation, even to make better use of this experience in companies.

6. Exchange

The international experience is encouraged even by educational institutions for students. Among the advantages of the exchange, we can mention the contact with different cultures, language learning, personal gains with maturing and, mainly, to deal with adversities and do well alone.

How to live these experiences without compromising your studies?

Many students fear these experiences outside of class because they think they do not fit into their routine. This happens mainly with those who have already won an opportunity in the market and need to reconcile their studies with work. But there are some tips to not leave the course harmed because of this. Check it out!

Put your learning first

Even when you are choosing activities to complement your studies, think about how you can enhance your learning. After all, they are essential for you to become that differentiated professional disputed by the market. Live each experience while seeking to renew knowledge, techniques, skills and so on.

Know how to divide your time

Have you noticed how often we say “we don’t have time”? But actually, what usually happens is a lack of organization and planning. Without it, it’s easy to pick up your cell phone and spend hours on social media, far from any purpose. So, one of the most important tasks in college life is creating a routine.

The study schedule is a good ally at these times. Before that, divide the periods for dedication to undergraduate subjects, extracurricular activities, personal commitments and work, if applicable. In the time dedicated to the course, separate those contents that you find more difficult and give priority to them.

The idea here is to take control of your own life. Don’t let the lack of time stop you from experiencing unique experiences that only graduation can offer, agreed?

Learn to fulfill your obligations in advance

You know that story of leaving to do work at the last minute? She doesn’t help at all! In other words, this only brings you closer to average learning, without differentials. Not to mention that, if there is any unforeseen, there are chances of running out of grade.

take responsibility

Finally, responsibility is one of the main competencies expected from both the market and your personal life. And it couldn’t be any different to keep your studies up to date, right? So don’t let your extracurricular experiences take up all your time.

University life can be easy or difficult: it all depends on how you see this moment. When you put balance as a priority, you can enjoy everything college has to offer without jeopardizing other commitments in your routine. The most important thing is to know how to divide your time and analyze which activities are most valid for your moment!