Personal marketing: what it is, importance and how to do it

Personal marketing is a set of marketing techniques and strategies that are used to promote a person’s image. That is, it helps a professional gain more authority and visibility in their area of ​​expertise.


You’ve probably heard that people need to know how to “sell themselves”, right? Maybe you don’t know what that means, but we’ve already anticipated that this subject has everything to do with the topic we’re going to address today.

Marketing is generally known as just one sector within companies, or as something far removed from people’s routine, but did you know that you can use it in your day to day, for your individual benefit? 

Personal marketing is just about that! So, if you want to know more about what personal marketing is and how to do yours, keep reading this article. 

What is personal marketing? 

Personal marketing aims to make a person become better known in their field of activity and gain more authority, to be seen as an expert and reference in their area. 


Therefore, personal marketing helps you to be better known by people and to become the first name that comes to mind when someone thinks of a person who works in a certain area. 

For example, the locksmith with the best personal marketing will be the most known to people. That way, when someone asks for a locksmith referral, this will be the first name they will think of and, consequently, indicate. 

But personal promotion has other benefits that we will talk about below. 

What is the importance of personal marketing? 

The job market is increasingly competitive and standing out has become a growing challenge, in addition, the number of self-employed professionals is growing . These two scenarios do not seem to be related, but for both cases, a good personal brand development can be the best alternative to leverage your career and have more job opportunities. 

Personal marketing has several advantages, the main one being increased visibility in the job market. And with that, several other benefits arise, such as a greater possibility of publicizing your work, gaining authority in the field, increasing professional opportunities and, if you work as a freelancer, increasing the number of clients interested in hiring your services or products. . 

But now let’s go step by step to do your personal marketing.  

How to do personal marketing? 

1. Know your differential 

The first step to promoting your individual image is to know what your differentials are. You must ask yourself what makes you different from other professionals. What do you have to offer that is not yet being offered in the market? If you still don’t have an answer to that question, it’s time to find out. 

Having a differential is not essential, you can work on your personal brand without having one, but it can help you, and a lot, to stand out from other professionals in your field. 

2. Be self-aware

Self-knowledge will help you find the answer to the previous question, because knowing who you are and what you have to offer will make it easier to position yourself in the job market and stand out. 

Knowing this, reflect on yourself and find not only your differentials, but also your characteristics that make you a unique professional. 

3. Be present on social media

Nowadays it is impossible to talk about personal marketing without thinking about social networks, as they are the main means of image promotion. Digital influencers, for example, use social networks as their main source of income and communication with the public. 

So, if you want to stand out in the market and promote your personal brand, have a social media presence.

4. Produce relevant content

Just being on social networks is not enough, because if you don’t produce any type of content, you won’t gain followers, views and, consequently, you won’t be known. 

Therefore, for your presence on social networks to help you promote yourself, you need to create relevant content that is in line with the image you want to build about your digital personality. Make sure that your differentials and individual characteristics appear in the produced content so that they help build the image you want. 

For example, a person who works as a cook can create content about cooking tips on Instagram. But to stand out from other professionals who also give tips, she can find something that is still little commented on and talk more about it. 

5. Have clear and assertive communication 

In order for the communications you create to have a positive effect, you need to communicate clearly and assertively, so that there are no interpretations that could harm your image. 

So, think about saying as much as you can with the least amount of words possible and always being careful in how you approach each subject, always research a lot before speaking. 

6. Network 

Networking is nothing more than creating a network of contacts It can help you a lot when it comes to becoming better known in your field. 

You can expand your network by participating in events, taking courses, going to workshops or even connecting with people in your area virtually on social media. The most important thing here is to build a relationship with other professionals. 

We hope you have understood what personal marketing is and why it is important. Put our tips into practice and good luck 💙