List of Skills That Make Your Resume Stand Out

Did you know that there is a list of skills that can make your resume stand out?


Yes, because there are capabilities that most companies look for in candidates and that are important to develop in order to be successful in professional life.

In this article you will check a list of skills that can help recruiters select your resume during the selection process.

What are Skills?

Skills are qualities that people are born with and that make them capable of exercising professional functions.

For example, those who are skilled in communication find it easier to negotiate and serve people.


People with numbers skills, on the other hand, do better with accounting and financial areas.

What is the difference between skill and competence?

While skill is born with the person, competence is a characteristic that can be developed.

So, for example, if a person cannot relate well in a team, for example, he needs to work on this competence to do well in the work environment.

It may take a little more work to develop this competency, but it’s not impossible.

What is the list of skills that can make your resume stand out?

Check out the list of skills that companies are looking for in their candidates below:

  1. Good communication;
  2. Team work;
  3. Good time management;
  4. Ability to work remotely;
  5. Focus on results;
  6. Critical thinking;
  7. Leadership;
  8. Proactivity;
  9. Emotional intelligence;
  10. Ability to deal with changes;
  11. Business view;
  12. Criativity and innovation;
  13. Constant search for knowledge;
  14. Resilience;
  15. Problem solving;
  16. Self confidence;
  17. Ease of handling software;
  18. Ability to negotiate;
  19. Customer focus;
  20. Initiative;
  21. Competitiveness;
  22. Professional ethics.

Let’s get to know these 22 skills better and understand why they are valued by companies.

Good communication

Good communication is the key for all work carried out within the company to be well developed.

Because through it, the individual is able to speak clearly about ideas and stages of work, in addition to knowing how to listen to what the other has to say.

Team work

Many companies work with teams of employees and having a good relationship with colleagues is essential for the project to flow smoothly.

This way, everyone is able to focus on the result and achieve the goals set together, knowing how to live harmoniously and collaboratively.

good time management

Knowing how to manage work time is essential in the current era, because with the amount of information that people receive, it is good to know how to prioritize the most important activities of the day and define your own routine.

In this way, it is possible to carry out tasks quickly and in the best possible way.

Ability to work remotely

Remote work has become a common practice in many companies, so people who are able to work from home and deliver good results are being increasingly valued.

Focus on results

Companies are also looking for professionals who are able to meet the established goals and who are willing to achieve the results they need with less expenditure of time and money.

critical thinking

Having critical thinking is being able to analyze facts, comparing them, organizing ideas and evaluating alternatives to solve a problem.

Companies value this skill a lot, as it makes the professional capable of helping to find the best solution.


Those looking for a management position must have this skill, as with it they are able to delegate tasks and provide feedback without being authoritarian, knowing how to value each professional.

In this way, it is possible to develop a more collaborative team, satisfied with the work and which becomes more productive and focused on results.


Proactive people are able to solve problems and complete projects without having to be bossed around or coordinated all the time.

Thus, they are able to anticipate the demands and desires of their colleagues and managers and find a good solution using their creativity and ability to prioritize the most important tasks.

Emotional intelligence

This skill is essential in companies, because with it the professional knows how to understand and manage their emotions and have empathy for the people around them.

Thus knowing how to understand the pain of the other and manage bad feelings like anger and anguish.

This way you are able to work under pressure and remain positive even in a difficult situation.

Ability to deal with changes

It is the ability to adapt to new situations, so instead of going against changes, the professional accepts them, presenting a positive view.

This professional type becomes more capable of finding solutions to problems in the work environment and knows how to deal with challenges in the best possible way.

Business view

Whoever has this skill is always keeping an eye on the market and has his opinion about the future of the company, being able to foresee the consequences of the decisions taken.

That way it can help to avoid problems and the company to grow in the right direction.

Criativity and innovation

Companies also look for these two skills in their employees.

Because by generating new ideas they can keep innovating to remain competitive in the market and please their customers.

In addition, people with these skills are able to think of different solutions to problems, helping companies to face the challenges that appear.

Constant search for knowledge

Always being up-to-date and improving as a professional is what companies want their employees to do.

Because in this way they will be developing knowledge that is relevant to the market and will help organizations to continue developing.


Companies also highly value this skill, as professionals who have it are able to deal with pressure and stress, overcoming routine difficulties and becoming stronger.

They can also adapt to a stressful environment, thinking positively and thus finding creative solutions.

Problem solving

The ability to solve problems is also highly valued, as usually professionals who possess it are creative and able to find solutions to daily challenges.

Thus taking the lead in complicated situations.

Also, those with this skill consider the different aspects of the problem and the need to solve them quickly, and therefore take intelligent action.

Self confidence

Professionals who are self-confident contribute to getting the job done in the best way possible.

Because when the employee believes in himself, he can defend his work, trusting in the activities he performs, but at the same time maintaining his values.

That’s why it’s important to have self-knowledge to be aware of your skills and know what you can or can’t do.

Ease of handling software

This is another skill that the job market values ​​a lot.

Because with the development of technology it is necessary that the employees of a company know how to use software.

Therefore, if you have difficulty dealing with technological programs and tools, then it is important to take courses in your area and improve your skills.  

ability to negotiate

This is a highly valued skill in salespeople, as they are able to use persuasion to convince people to purchase a product or service.

However, more than convincing the employee, he must present good advantages of the product or service he is presenting to pass credibility and not manipulate people, but actually propose a good solution.

customer focus

Companies want their employees to focus on the customer, so they must offer the best service experience.

Thus, they must be willing to solve their problems and dedicate themselves to serving them in the best possible way, taking into account the services that the organization offers.

In this way, customers will have a good impression of the company and will be able to comment well on it and even recommend it to other people.


Taking initiative is important in your professional life, as you become capable of developing yourself and achieving your goals.

People with this skill do not wait for other people to take the lead to solve problems, as they run after and act taking into account the expectations of the organization.


This skill means having the ability to always be improving at work to achieve greater results, so it’s not just competing with co-workers, but with yourself.

Candidates like this manage to stand out and are well valued by companies.

professional ethics

This ability should be incumbent on all professionals, because those who possess it have correct and honest actions, taking into account the moral values ​​of society and their own values.