How to do well in job interviews

Nothing is capable of causing butterflies in your stomach like a job interview. As awful as it sounds, 99% of people have gone through a selection process where they had to talk about themselves to complete strangers. But do not worry! With a little practice (and a few foolproof phrases up your sleeve), you’ll feel much more confident and prepared to make a great impression at your next job interview, even an international internship !


To help you, we have selected some phrases that can be useful in topics frequently addressed in job interviews such as: personality, skills, experience and, of course, the reason why you want the job. Learn how to do well in job interviews!

describe your personality

The interviewer (your future boss) wants to know if you have the profile he is looking for on his team. This is the time to talk about yourself and convince them that you are the best person for the job at hand. Use some adjectives in your favor and don’t forget to praise that you:

  • Easy going: a laid-back person and easy to get along with
  • Is hardworking: hardworking and dedicated
  • Is committed: faithful to projects and people
  • Is reliable: someone he can trust
  • It’s honest: press for the truth
  • Is centered: manages to stay focused
  • Is methodical: always attentive to details and works with logic
  • Is proactive: performs tasks without needing supervision

You might say, “I’m easy going.”

To impress even more use words like very, extremely, really. (“I am very reliable”, I am an extremely focused employee.”)


describe your qualities

The interviewer also wants to know what you’re good at, as the job you’re applying for may require certain skills. So, don’t miss the chance to explain everything you do best! Here are some qualities and skills that companies often look for in their candidates:

  • Organization
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks
  • Deadline accomplishments
  • Problem solving
  • Good communication
  • Ability to work in an international environment with people from all over the world
  • speak other languages
  • Enthusiasm

You can use phrases like: I’m good at / I have the ability to perform several tasks / work under pressure / meet deadlines… Or: my strengths are: ability to solve problems, enthusiasm, fluency in English, etc.

Describe your experiences

If you’ve worked before or had any experience that could be useful in this new position, be sure to share. Depending on the position you are applying for, it is imperative to highlight your academic record. The following phrases may be helpful:

Test your English in minutes

  • I worked five years as a waiter/salesman/teacher
  • I worked in the commercial area for seven years and in the second year I was promoted to manager.
  • I studied at the University of Queensland
  • I was an attorney for Anderson and Assoc.

Be prepared to address a few more points outlined in your resume. Please take the opportunity to provide further details that may benefit you.

Describe your future projects and explain why you want this job so much

  • I intend to improve my skills as a barista in the hotel industry, as a caregiver for children in the field of early childhood education
  • I want to grow professionally as a physiotherapist / manager / in the administrative / commercial area
  • I believe that this company is one of the most important in the sector.
  • I have a lot to add and I believe that my profile fits perfectly in the team

It is very important that you emphasize this last point, after all you will have to convince the interviewer that you really want to occupy this position. You don’t have to go overboard, but make it clear how much you want to be hired.