How to answer job interview questions?

You made your resume following our tips, participated in the stages of some selection processes and, finally, moved on to the last stage: the job interview! 


Then you remember your interview history and realize that you never know exactly how to answer the questions asked by recruiters. Don’t worry, we’ll help you get the answers right. 

Did you know that there is a way to answer these questions that can further increase your chances of winning a job? Read on to find out what this methodology is and how to apply it in interviews! 

What’s the best way to answer questions in a job interview? 

The best way to answer questions in a job interview is by using the STAR method. This is the name given to an answer structure that can help you a lot during the interview. 

Lack of focus or too much objectivity can harm you during this stage of the selection process, the STAR methodology aims precisely to help you balance your responses and focus on what the recruiter really wants to know. 


It helps, mainly, when the recruiter asks you to talk about projects and previous experiences , because here she wants to see real examples of what you’ve done and learned during your professional life. 

Below we will explain to you better what it is and how you can use it.

What is the STAR method? 

Now that you already know that the STAR methodology helps with responses during the interview, let’s delve into what this acronym means:

S: situation

In this first step, you must contextualize the problem that was presented for you to solve.

T: task (task)

In a second moment, you must think about what task you performed and what your responsibilities were.

A: action (action)

Then talk about how that process went, what happened, what went right, what went wrong. Here, talk about what happened after planning. 

A: result (result) 

Finally, tell us about the completion of the project, what results were achieved? What worked? What didn’t work? And what was your contribution to all this?

With these questions in mind, you’ll be able to get a complete answer when asked to talk about a project.  

How to prepare for a job interview? 

Receiving the news that you have reached the interview stage is already a big step in the selection process. After receiving this feedback, first celebrate a lot, but then (still celebrating) focus on what this step will require of you.

And when we’re talking about a job interview, preparation is definitely a key word. But what is preparing for a job interview?

Knowing how to apply the STAR technique, for example, is already an important point of preparation, but there are also other things that need to be done before that moment. Some important tips are:

1. Research the company

Do your homework and arrive knowing as much about the organization as possible. It is also important to understand the role you will occupy if you pass the selection process.

Read the main news about the company, visit the organization’s official website and write down the points that caught your attention. This will definitely help you answer the questions.

2. Understand what the interview stage is 

Yes, this is a very important point. After all, it’s common for people to do the interview without even knowing what they expect from them, or how they should behave at that moment.

Well, if you are doing job interviews without due care, know that several people have been preparing a lot for this moment.  

3. Make sure you are prepared for the interview day

You need to plan for this moment. Confirm whether this will be a face-to-face or online step and be very careful not to be late.

Also, try to get a good night’s sleep and eat light foods. Just before starting the interview, read your notes and turn off your cell phone, avoid any distractions. In this way, you will have a greater focus to focus on chatting with the recruiter. 

So, did you like our tips? Do you already know exactly how to apply the STAR technique to answer job interview questions?