Highlights on Top 8 Cheap Places to Live in Canada

Latest rankings have it that Canada is the best country in the world. However, the fact that Canada is the best and one of the finest in the world has not made it the most expensive place to study, work or live in.


Whether you are a Canadian citizen or a foreign national that is planning to relocate and stay in Canada, you will find these top 8 cheapest places to live in Canada a wonderful resource.

Before we go further into breaking this up, let’s take a look at the summary of the cheapest places to live in Canada.


Average Monthly Living Costs

Prince George, British Columbia


Surrey, British Columbia


Winnipeg, Manitoba


London, Ontario


Quebec City, Quebec


Saint John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador


Montréal, Quebec


Hamilton, Ontario


Top 8 Places to Love in Canada

There are lots of beautiful yet affordable places to live in Canada either as an individual or family. You can take the innocence test or Below, we are going to look at these closely.

1. Prince George, British Columbia

  • Average monthly rent (one-bedroom apartment): $1070
  • Average monthly rent (family-sized apartment): $1514
Located in the northern part of British Columbia, Prince George is one of the most prominent places to live in Canada. It has a population of 74,000 inhabitants.
An individual is estimated to spend an average of $1100 monthly for personal needs. In addition, the cost of rent is relatively cheaper, making Prince George a top-notch option for those thinking of staying in the British Columbia.

2. Surrey, British Columbia

  • Average one-bedroom apartment monthly rent: $1488
  • Average family-sized apartment monthly rent: $2840
Surrey is the second largest and populated city in British Columbia, having a population of 519,467 inhabitants. While being mainly an urban, area, the city also houses some portion of agricultural and rural areas.
Surrey is not only of the cheapest cities metropolises to live in Canada, but the rapidly growing as well. An individual is expected to spend approximately $1200 monthly on living expenses.

3. Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Average monthly rent (one-bedroom apartment): $857
  • Average monthly rent (family-sized apartment): $1577
While Winnipeg can be seen as the largest and most expensive cities in the Manitoba province, it is still a considerably cheap place to live in Canada. Housing about 750,534 people, the cost of living in Winnipeg is surprisingly cheap with monthly spending estimated at around $1440.
The city is mostly snowy and pretty cold during the winter, but also gets hot in the summers.

4. London, Ontario

  • Average monthly rent (one-bedroom apartment): $975
  • Average monthly rent (family-sized apartment): $1380
Staying in London, you are assured of cheaper accommodation, good education, healthcare facilities, cultural heritage and beautiful amusement parks for the eye. London is popularly known as the “Forest City” due o the presence of trees and green space surrounding the urban areas.
You are expected to budget about $1450 for monthly expenses if you are to stay in London. Because of how cheap the city is, it is a wonderful substitute for big metropolises in Ontario province like Ottawa and Toronto.

5. Quebec City, Quebec

  • Average monthly rent (one-bedroom apartment): $607
  • Average monthly rent (family-sized apartment): $1067
Quebec City is the capital of Quebec Province. Out of the 15 largest cities in Canada, it is ranked the most affordable with an estimated living cost of $1500 per month. The city houses 542,298 inhabitants and houses many manufacturing industries from food production, paper, and transportation equipment, as well as natural resources like petroleum and coal products.
Despite the advantages stated above, Quebec has its flip side. One major disadvantage is the fact that Quebec City and the entire Quebec province are Francophone. Hence, you will need to be proficient in French if you want to stay in the suburbs.

6. Saint John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Average monthly rent (one-bedroom apartment): $717
  • Average monthly rent (family-sized apartment): $925
When talking about cities with the cheapest rent in Canada, there is no forgetting St. John’s. It is the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador. The average monthly living cost in St. John’s is estimated at$1800. The city is popularly known for fishing, while the service sector there is also flourishing well.
Weather during the winters is tough, while the summers are relatively mild with an average temperatures range of 20oC.

7. Montréal, Quebec

  • Average monthly rent (one-bedroom apartment): $702
  • Average monthly rent (family-sized apartment): $1112
The largest, best-known and highly visited city in Canada is Montreal. It is a metropolis with a population of population of 4,291,732 people. Despite the fact that Montreal is popular and gets heavy tourist traffic, it is relatively cheap and affordable to live in.
To many, the city is a cultural hub for French Canada. Also, the city has the largest number of restaurants, more than any city in the entire North American continent.

8. Hamilton, Ontario

  • Average monthly rent (one-bedroom apartment): $1000
  • Average monthly rent (family-sized apartment): $1850
If you are scared or prices in Toronto, then Hamilton is your sure bet in the Ontario province. With a diverse population, growing culinary culture, cheap ad affordable housing, and state-of-the-art health system, Hamilton is one of the best places to live in Ontario and hence Canada as a whole.
The city is glued to Toronto, with a distance of 70 km between the two cities.  It offers cheap accommodation which is about 40 percent cheaper than what Toronto has to offer.
Hamilton houses 580,200 people and average spending in the city is estimated at around $1850 per month.


In summary, if you are looking for cheap cities to live in Canada, the above-mentioned 8 cities are the cheapest and best choices. Note that all these cities have their downsides despite being cheap and affordable for a living.
Equally important, these top 8 cheapest Canadian cities have a lot to offer to make your stay worthwhile. In addition to affordability, they offer plenty of opportunities to make life worth living for you.
So, if you are looking for a home that is affordable and that will not hurt your bank account, then these top choices are for you.