7 professions for those who want to work at Google

The dream of many professionals is to work at Google. And this desire is no coincidence, as in addition to being one of the most important corporations in the entire world, Google leads several rankings of the best companies to work for. But what are the main professions to work at Google?

There are several professions hired by Google, but due to their segment of activity, some occupations end up being more sought after by the company. Continue reading and discover the top 7 professions to work at Google and valuable tips for those who want to get a job at the multinational.

7 Professions to Work at Google


Google is a multinational company of Internet-based software and services. It hosts and develops various online services and products, and its income is mainly generated through advertising.

As it is a technology and communication company mainly for the internet, professions related to these areas are the ones with the greatest demand for hiring at the multinational, in its offices spread across the planet.

The professions to work at Google that stand out the most are those that belong to the following areas:

  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Advertising
  • design
  • Marketing
  • Business Administration
  • Economy
  • Accounting Sciences
  • Human Resources

In the podcast below, in a relaxed chat, an Information Technology professional who works at Google talks more about the profession and the job market for the area:


Below, check out more information about the main professions to work at Google:

1. Information Technology Professional

The Information Technology professional is one of the most requested by Google, after all, he acts strategically in the management of a company’s technological processes, in infrastructure and development.

Google is a company recognized for its internet-based communication technology services, and professionals in this area are essential for this type of company.

Those who work with Information Technology are responsible for implementing and managing computerized software and systems, as well as defining their usage parameters. In addition, it controls service levels for operating systems and databases.

2. Software Engineer

The software engineer is the professional responsible for developing new operating systems and computer programs. That is, it identifies problems and opportunities to then offer solutions through new technologies. And this is also Google’s main offering.

The multinational has a multitude of software and systems for the most diverse needs, and is always creating and offering new services. The software engineer will help the company in creating, developing, implementing and managing new technologies.

3. Advertising

The main function of the publicist is to strengthen the image of brands in companies with the public. For this, he will plan, create and develop campaigns and advertising pieces to promote products and services, in addition to promotional actions to strengthen the corporate identity.

At Google, advertising is one of the main activities of the company, after all, everyone wants to appear on Google. Furthermore, to remain as one of the leading internet-based communication companies, advertising plays an essential role.

4. Designer

This professional is responsible for developing graphic pieces and visual materials that, in addition to communicating, capture the public’s attention. Therefore, it considers aspects such as form, functionality and aesthetics, essential factors in the virtual world of the internet, where Google operates.

In addition, design works closely with other professionals, including new product developers, aiming at the quality of the visual image of the projects.

5. Marketing Professional

Essential for any company, the Marketing professional identifies opportunities and creates strategies to improve the image of the company and its products and services, in order to boost sales. In addition, he is responsible for positioning the brand in the market, aiming at the company’s good reputation, and developing communication with the public.

Among other functions, this professional also conducts market research to better understand the public and identify their habits and needs, turning this information into opportunities.

With the growth of the internet and the development of new technologies, the professional who works with Digital Marketing has gained a lot of prominence today, becoming increasingly fundamental in companies that work with the internet and software, as is the case with Google.

6. Financial Analyst

A multinational the size of Google moves a lot of resources. Therefore, having a large and efficient financial team makes all the difference to the company’s good results.

The financial analyst acts in the management of the operations of a company, analyzing the financial data and the economic situation of the institution. In addition, it presents alternatives and recommendations to reduce costs and improve financial performance.

Normally, the financial analyst is a professional trained in Business Administration, Economics or Accounting.

7. Human Resources Professional

In order to manage so many professionals who work in a company like Google, in addition to attracting new talent and retaining good employees, well-trained Human Resources professionals are essential.

He will act on all issues involving the company’s collaborators and employees, such as selection, hiring, integration, transfers, salaries, professional motivation and improvements in the work environment.