6 tips on how to get a job after college

After excelling in college , it’s time for you to shine in the job market. However, considering that the socioeconomic situation in the country is not very favorable and that the high unemployment rate  persists, it is necessary to carry out an updated assessment of the area in which one intends to work, in order to find the best ways to find a job and avoid wasting time and money.


In addition to knowing the average salary paid in the career you choose, it is important to find out, for example, what the market demands for professionals in your area to work in or even find out what are the main criteria considered during a possible selection process in your area.

That is, you cannot demand a high salary or say that you do not have sufficient skills for an occupation in your field. You have to show service and know how to find a good job.

Want to know more? Follow this text and learn 6 tips to be efficient in your job search process right after you finish college. Check out!

1. Write a good resume

During graduation, you must have been very concerned about keeping your  lattes curriculum , the main academic-scientific portfolio, up to date. After graduating, the concern is with the other curriculum: the professional or curriculum vitae, which must be very well prepared, as it will be your business card when looking for a job vacancy.


In order for the recruiter to be interested in the information contained in it, it is important that it is very presentable. Therefore, prepare your resume very carefully. Be objective in describing your experiences and upload a photo only if requested by the company.

2. Specialize in the area

It’s okay that you just left graduation straight into the job market, but having specialized knowledge is no longer a differential, to become a fundamental and urgent requirement. After all, to occupy a prominent space in the job market, it is necessary to acquire other skills and, above all, different knowledge. Organizations need professionals with domain of specific contents, able to deal with the complexities of a determined function with precision.

In this sense, how about investing in a more in-depth qualification through a master’s degree? This is an opportunity to become an expert in your field. A sandwich master’s degree , for example, is an opportunity to study abroad and add a lot of value to the curriculum, in addition to obtaining a transformative cultural experience.

But if a master’s degree is not so accessible at the moment, try to invest in qualification, specialization or MBA courses, which tend to be shorter in duration and which, despite being cheaper, can still keep you up to date and improve your professional skills. Nowadays, there are a range of courses that can be taken. Bet on online courses and gain knowledge wherever you are and whenever you can.

3. Seek (and keep) professional contacts in the area

You know that college friend who works at an important company in your area? How about asking him if there are any opportunities for you there? Those who maintain an active network of contacts have more access to new opportunities and to do their personal marketing, standing out in the job market.

So, in addition to making these contacts with people you know, venture to participate in corporate events , fairs and lectures in your area. This type of contact can make a good impression and open new doors for you. That is, take advantage of these meetings to build excellent professional networking , increasing the chances of getting a job.

4. Register on job sites

It is also worth thinking about using the internet to get a job. Nowadays, there are a variety of specific sites for selecting candidates and filling vacancies. Most maintain a database with dozens or hundreds of vacancies, updated daily or at least periodically. You can either register for free or enjoy the special services of a paid account.

5. Bet on social networks

In addition to job sites, the internet can also be an ally when looking for a job through social networks. Did you know that Facebook isn’t just for connecting with your friends and finding out what’s happening around the world? This social network also offers the possibility of creating groups that publicize vacancies in certain areas of activity.

For example, you can look for both a group that publicizes opportunities in your city and in any region of the country. Join these groups. Many companies often post the hottest jobs in these spaces.

It is also important to have (and maintain) an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. Unlike Facebook, this is a social network exclusively aimed at work relationships. You will be able to create connections with professionals from various areas, in addition to having access to inspiring content about career and work – in addition to learning more, updating yourself with great content,

In addition, you can build your resume, create connections with other professionals and contact companies.

Therefore, it is important not to leave your profile outdated on this platform, as it does not sound like something positive for recruiters. After all, they usually analyze their future candidates based on updated information on this social network. Keep your information up to date and increase your chances of getting a job.

6. Fill out the “Work with Us” form on the companies’ websites

Another way to apply for a job is by visiting the websites of companies you are interested in working for. In the “Work with Us” section of the site, you can register your resume or leave some contact information.

Also take the opportunity to learn about the company’s values ​​and mission and research more about the organization, to make sure that’s where you want to start your career.

These were some tips on how to get a job after you leave college. But for you to have an outstanding resume, you will need to fill it with experiences. How about starting with the organization of an impactful and engaging workshop ? By organizing events of this type, you acquire expertise, demonstrate skills and also have the chance to work with amazing people.