10 reasons to become a more productive person

Experts say that reducing the workday is enough to increase our productivity. While not all governments accept this claim, see what you can do to boost your production right now!


Many experts, workers and business people agree that working fewer hours increases productivity. The workers themselves say that this statement is true. According to a survey published by the newspaper. 75% of them believe that an intensive day increases productivity. That is, the perfect working day would be the one from 9 am to 5 pm, according to the National Commission for the Rationalization of Hours, and would increase productivity by 20%.

As the laws are different in different countries, and here we still work 40 hours a week, here are some tips to increase your productivity anyway:

1. Copy European timetables

Obviously, this would be one of the top options when it comes to improving productivity. It is something that does not depend on us, but on the legislative measures currently in force in our country. If you can afford to adjust your working hours with those of the Nordic countries and Germany, you will certainly improve your performance. It’s a matter of organization.

2. Waking up early is healthy and productive

According to studies on the subject, productivity and proactivity increase in people who wake up early. Normally, during these hours, you can exercise, eat a healthy breakfast, plan your day with peace of mind, and tackle the hardest or most complicated tasks of the day.


3. And sleeping… is also productive!

It goes without saying that you must adhere to the letter of the time defined as a “normal” sleep. Sleeping 8 hours a day will make you wake up with a much clearer and more open mind to face your workday proactively. In addition, several scientific studies claim that resting about 20 to 30 minutes in the middle of the day improves performance at work.

And the following has also been stated: “The nap reduces impulsiveness and increases frustration tolerance. Emotional control can be affected by continuous wakefulness during the day, and taking a nap can be an effective preventive measure,” according to experts.

4. Create new habits

Studies show that if you do an activity over and over for at least 21 days, your body picks it up and it becomes a core activity for you. Well, it’s time to start acquiring new healthy habits to consequently increase your productivity. You can start implementing the above points: wake up early, take a nap…

5. The 60 second rule

This rule says that once you’ve collected enough information to make a decision, set a timer and make that decision within 60 seconds.

6. Stick to your schedule

Not an hour more! Normally, in our country, we are used to spending between half an hour and an hour (or more) in the office. Never do that again! In fact, studies show that our productivity per hour worked decreases… so if you stay at work longer than you should, you’re only doing the company a favor.

7. Set delivery deadlines

When it comes time to start delivering your projects, we recommend that you work with deadlines. They will make you organize yourself in terms of priorities and importance in your work.

8. Know the difference between “important” and “urgent”

Something important doesn’t have to be urgent. Now that you know that, differentiating these two concepts will be very important for you to spend your time being really productive for yourself and for the company.

9. Make your meetings productive too

PAK is a country that loves meetings. We like to work around problems and invest unnecessary time in issues that, perhaps, could be solved with better time management.

10. Be happy

Since you spend so much of your time at work, the best you can do is make that time good for yourself. Going home with the problems that came up during the day – or letting them affect you in a personal way – doesn’t pay off. Therefore, we recommend that you try to comply, as much as possible, with the points we mentioned above and that, of course, be happy!